What Methods Are Used To Treat Acne Scarring

It’ bad enough that a substantial percentage of the Australian population has to suffer with the pain and embarrassment of and acne breakout, but it’s worse when they are left with aftermath of scars from this breakout. This scarring can be damaging to one’s self confidence and their self worth. All hope isn’t lost, however, as there are treatments out there.

Early intervention is obviously the best method, and is often key to prevent unsightly scarring associated with acne that can ultimately lead to disfigurement. It is important to make an appointment with a dermatologist in the event that over the counter treatments alone are ineffective in clearing up an acne outbreak. It is important however to be able to distinguish between post pigmentation changes and actual scarring. The pigment of the skin will change during the healing process and can often be mistaken as scarring since it can take a year to fade. If scars are evident, then there are a few treatments available that you can take to eliminate the scarring. The best treatment in addition to visiting a dermatologist is to use both prescription and over the counter topicals to combat the scarring and reduce healing time of both outbreaks and pigmentation changes. Vitamin A topicals can clear and even prevent blemishes which can reduce scarring or aid in reducing their visibility. Other treatments for scars include a more dramatic approach.

Laser therapy treatment can be abrasive because it actually uses lasers to remove the outer layer of tissue to help smooth out the complexion and reduce scarring, perhaps eliminating it all together. Another form of treatment that can be used on scarring is an inject able filler. This filler is literally injected into each individual scar that plumps up the indentation of the tissue, reducing the visibility. This is a ideal method for those who only have a few scars, but a different approach may deem more suitable for overall scarring. In our opinion the laser treatment therapy is the best acne scar treatment available today.

For more drastic scarring there are treatments available from the dermatologist, however these should be considered as a last resort or for those with deep pitted scarring as they can be pretty invasive but also effective at eliminating disfiguring scars. Punch excision is a treatment that is available for those that have ice pick like scarring. Other treatments often will not be effective because damaged tissue is too deep. These types of scars are treated with a sutured enclosure which allows the derma to close and sometimes this method alone with be enough for the skin to heal on its own, or sometimes used in addition to other treatments to when the degree of damage is severe. Dermabrasion is a well known form of treatment that is slightly outdated, however is still practiced occasionally. The dermatologist uses this method by freezing the skin and then uses a device, in essence, that sands away the upper layer of tissue. Another extremely drastic method is the chemical peel. This one is self explanatory. An acidic chemical is applied to the damaged tissue and then the damaged layers of skin is literally peeled away.

All of these methods are extreme, but effective. It’s best, however, to catch acne in its early stages and use preventative measures. Talk to a dermatologist and use both prescriptions and other OTC topical gels to help stave off deep tissue scarring associated with an outbreak of acne, but if these aren’t enough, there are solutions to be had.

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