Want more attractive glow for your skin?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read the word “sun-kissed glow”? A woman with glowing, bronzed, yet flawless skin is likely the first image that you’d see (and I’m betting it’d be Gisele Bundchen).  But wait,  if you read the word in some ad campaign,  it doesn’t mean that you need to use thst product ONLY to achieve that sexy looking skin because there is a simple and undoubtedly affordable to get it. Read on!

Here’s the thing, dermatologist  and nutritionist wholeheartedly agree that eating lots and lots of the right combination of fruits and vegetables have proven to give you the glowing skin that you always wanted, no matter what your skin  color is.

A skin that looks glowing is a sign that you’re healthy. In fact, the overall coloration of the skin plays a huge role when it comes to attractiveness.

When it comes to your skin color, we actually talk about pigmentation. There are two main ways to correct and/or boost overall coloration of your skin: a process of melanization or tanning (mainly from sunrays, or perhaps from tanning beds) or digesting carotenoids – pigments that exist in a variety of vibrantly colored fruits such as carrots, oranges, apples, or even spinach.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s a study done and published in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, at least 80% from a group of 60 participants rated images of people manipulated with high carotenoid pigmentation (of course, the participants don’t know about that) looks more attractive than people with low carotenoid images.

Cool, eh?

The same thing also goes with people with high melanin faces, although at a lower percentage of 78%. And when both high carotenoid images coupled together with high melanin images, results showed that 75% think that high carotenoid images look way attractive compared to high melanin ones.

You don’t have to go carotenoid mania diet – just two extra portions a day of these foods six weeks gives a positive glow on overall skin. Not to mention your skin will look so much better.

Perhaps I got you convinced to chomp more vibrant colored fruit and veggies. Trust me, they’re delicious, and full of goodness for your body to look and feel young, along with getting an attractive looking skin. Who needs more convincing to eat these healthy foods than that?

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