Vampire Facial Review

Vampire Facial: What is it, what are the benefits and side effects?

Vampire facials are a new kind of facial that is gaining in popularity, thanks to the use of them by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. These facials involve a multi-step process, starting with the removal of a small amount of blood from you prior to the treatment. This is a small amount, not unlike getting a blood test done. Then the blood is spun to isolate the plasma, which is then injected into your face.

There are many benefits to these treatments, especially in comparison to other forms of skin treatment. When considering a facial treatment option, it’s best to understand the risks and benefits of all the options available to you in order to make the best possible decision for your situation. We strongly suggest speaking to your skin specialist before deciding which treatment is best for you. If you would like to read about other non surgical facelift options and how this treatments compares check out an article published on DoctorDerm called Vampire Facial Reviews and see what other people are saying about the treatment too.

For one thing, the process is faster than many other treatments. Unlike, say, a traditional facelift that requires multiple appointments and consultations, or other treatments that take hours to complete, the vampire facial is incredibly fast and can be completed so quickly that many people do these facials in combination with other beauty treatments.

These treatments rely on your own blood, unlike many treatments that require the use of chemical fillers. Not everyone is excited about the idea of injecting their bodies with things like Botox, which is a toxin, or chemically created fillers and plumpers. Unlike these harsh treatments, the vampire facial uses only your own plasma, which is in your body already.

Vampire facials have a much shorter recovery period than comparable treatments like traditional facelifts or laser treatments. Traditional facelifts, in addition to being incredibly invasive, require months of recovery time. This is true of laser face treatments as well. Moreover, during the recovery period you will be in pain and your face will be unattractive. Vampire facials have none of those issues. Recovery is fast and painless.

Vampire facials are also less expensive than other skin care treatments. This is understandable, because unlike traditional surgical facelifts and some forms of laser treatment, there is no need for anesthesia or surgical rooms. The equipment required is less expensive and bulky, and the overall procedures is far simpler. All these things lead to a cheaper price for a vampire facial.

The improved appearance of the skin is another benefit to having a vampire facial. The plasma helps your skin heal and rejuvenate faster and the overall effect is tighter, plumper, more dewy skin that is brighter and more attractive than it was before the treatment. This is why the procedure is gaining popularity.

Vampire facials are popular and for good reason. They offer a relatively inexpensive, highly effective increase in facial beauty without the invasiveness and unpleasant recovery time that goes with other skin treatments. Consider a vampire facial for yourself and see the difference.

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