Things No One Told Us About Getting Botox

The Botox treatment has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Women at the age of 20 were more fascinated and inclined towards this treatment. Botox treatment can fulfill your dream for the perfect and wrinkle free skin. Even after researching about the treatment and the procedure involved many times patient think if somebody must have told them about this. There are few things that patient experience only after the treatment is performed. This article shares some good and bad experiences after they underwent the treatment.

Good Experiences

  • I was amazed by the fact that Botox can prevent migraines too. The pain from Botox is nothing when migraines attack your head. I had benefited from Botox by reducing my migraine attacks from 15 a month to almost half of it and also I had fewer wrinkles on my face.
  • I was astonished to see my spirits go high after I chose Botox treatment to remove the deep crease from my forehead which would make me angry looking at them. I felt relaxed and youthful after those creases vanished from my forehead.
  • Botox has made me realize the importance of a clean and smooth skin. Now if I see other people I can observe wrinkles very clearly.
  • Botox is very good and successful in getting rid of those drippy armpits from excess sweat. After the Botox treatment, I could feel the difference even though it means taking 20 injections per armpit twice a year. The results have motivated me to go for it. It works magic on the armpits.
  • It’s not just for women with wrinkles. After the Botox treatment I could see the difference that it made on my forehead. It removed all the deep lines and creases ensuring young look. Botox helps from looking older.

Not so good Experiences

  • After I loved how my crow’s feet problem was solved with Botox, I decided to go for removing frown lines between my brows. Last time when I used Botox it was successful for me but after the second time when I saw my inner brows, they were just fine but my lower brow moved down giving a dog like appearance on my face. This time I decided not to go for Botox in the future.
  • I had Botox treatment on my forehead. But when the Botox started to wear off I had very strange and annoying feeling. The muscle spasms contracted my eyebrows towards my scalp. I was happy that these spasms could not be seen by others and the sensation lasted for quite a few days.
  • I experienced a massive swelling because I opted for an inexperienced physician. It is very important that you ask your friends and make sure that you have well experienced doctor to perform Botox on you. The cost and experience of the doctor both must be considered while going for the Botox.

Botox is a treatment which removes moderate lines, wrinkles and recovers slight damages to the skin. Many women with deep scars and saggy skin must not go with much expectation. But overall, it’s a result driven treatment and has worked for many women.

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