Rock Red Lips Solution to looking Younger?

Who would forget the sight of Marilyn Monroe, even though she’s not with us anymore in this world? Apart from the curves and the smiles, you can’t help but noticing the prominent appearance of her red lips. Guess what, plush red puckers do grab some attention and you can look younger with it, as proven by science. Read more about it.

For five thousand years ago a red lipstick was invented in the ancient Mesopotamia, made by mixing melted beeswax and oil with crushed red insects (psst…  A similar red insects also used to give a red tint in certain Starbucks drinks), stored in a jar. While the recipe is certainly not as sophisticated as the hi-tech version of lip color available today, there’s no doubt that a red puckers can certainly attract the eye, like a minor aphrodisiac.

As the study have found, the crimson shade tens to make you look a couple of years younger as it creates a strong contrast against your skin tone and subconsciously alters the age perceptions within our mind. And the funny thing is, though wrinkles are one of the most prominent signs of aging, we don’t consciously use this cue to determine other people’s age, unlike pale lips.

The joined forces of psychologists from Gettysburg College of Pennsylvania with the research department in Chanel studied French Caucasian women aged twenty to seventy years old noted that one of the byproducts of ageing, makes your lips and eye area become pale as your skin gets darker (notably, from hyper-pigmentation).

And the nice, healthy contrast that you used to have can certainly be remedied with a help of red lipstick. Magic!

Well, if a red lipstick can be used as a quick fix to look a couple of years younger, who are we to complain? And if you like, you can certainly up the ante by teaming up the use of red lipstick by having alternatives to give your lips some healthy colour.

For example, a popular remedy that you can try out is to apply a paste of beetroot directly onto the lips, a sure way, if you want some reddish tint on the lips that looks healthy, naturally. Exfoliating your lips regularly is also essential as the skin on the lips (yes, your lips are also a skin) is thinner compared to the rest (in fact its thinner than the eye area), hence exfoliation will help your lips to renew its skin cells, so the puckers will look fresh.

Try out by mixing a bit of olive oil with sugar and scrub gently onto the lips. A special tip: exfoliate your lips and apply some warmed oil afterwards right before bedtime; the treatment helps to repair your lips effectively, as your body is in repair-mode when you sleep. 

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