PMS Breakouts – How To Deal With It

Just when you thought you have to deal with cramps and blood flow akin to Niagara Falls, you get a couple of acne popping here and there in the most obvious place (charming). If you’ve been getting similar breakouts in time with your menstrual cycle, there is a reason why it happens and let us explains it to you.

The reason you are getting these zits can be narrow down to one thing – your hormone. Most ladies will start to feel their PMS symptoms starts to come up in few days leading up before menstruation starts. Your hormone – namely estrogen and progesterone – starts to go haywire while the ovaries will produce testosterone (yes, the male hormone, though not so much in female).

Progesterone stimulates your skin to produce more oil and creates congestion within the pores, making them a prefect habitat for zits to develop.

While other (lucky) women may not have this kind of trouble, it’s because different woman react differently to the hormones raging in their body. But keep in mind, the process is unpredictable. You may be at liberty to drink carbonated drinks even during menstruation but get unusual cramps as you reach your 30s.

Is there any way to prevent it?

Yes, as the zit developing is not 100%, though the odds on you is not really in your favor. You can minimize the occurrence of breakouts from forming by taking these steps.

The first thing is you don’t have to stress about it – PMS acne will be worse the more stress you are. Do anything to keep them under control such as yoga, meditating, or even having a cup of tea. Getting tensed will only induce your body to produce cortisol (a stress hormone) and seriously, you don’t need another one to add into your raging hormones’ mix.

A super simple tip that you can do is to drink plenty of (plain) water, preferably at any chance of other drinks on hand. Plain water simply detoxes you from all of dirt and bad stuff from your body, which in turn creates a clearer and radiant skin.

Simply reducing (or better yet, avoiding them altogether) sugary and/or heavily-caffeinated drinks especially one or two weeks leading up to your menstruation will put dramatic change to your complexion, keeping them zit-free.

While keeping your body clean should be your priority to be free from PMS breakouts. I strongly recommend you start a little bit of pampering skin care routine, few days leading up to your menstruation.

Take your pick on what’s good for your skin – a soothing mud mask for purifying and deep cleansing, or vitamin C-rich night cream to keep the skin clean and glowing will certainly protect your skin from having acnes popping up.

While you used to contend (reluctantly) with PMS breakouts, I’m sure these tips will help your skin from popping zits and a clear skin is on the way, all day long.

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