5 Witch Hazel Benefits For Your Skin

Skim through the list of ingredients of your store-bough toner/cleanser and you’ll see witch hazel   as one of the items included in the formulation, thanks to its huge benefits for your skin. Here are the top five pointers, how this herb treatment is simply wonderful and needs to be in every one skin’s beauty regimen.

Also known as Hamamelis virginiana, witch hazel has been used for centuries in maintaining the beauty of our skin, and you’re bound to find a bottle of the herb in a cupboard as part of the first aid kit for a good reason. Still, the benefits is not really subjected to meticulous study and plus, there’s been a bit of down side in using the herb as it’s said that witch hazel   can be potentially hazard for your skin.

The real reason is a bit complicated, as the so-called hazard actually comes from the witch hazel   used is actually a distilled kind may not have the very thing that gives us the benefits, namely tannins, essential oils, and saponins that comes from the bark of witch hazel  itself.

Tannins contained is actually an antioxidant that works similarly like green tea, hence it’s essential in protecting your skin from damaging effects of free radicals, effectively neutralizing them for good. The compound also is very anti-inflammatory and soothing, and you can use them to wounds, acne and acne scars, blisters, bites, and sunburns, while reducing the rate of your own’s natural moisture. Pretty much explains why witch hazel is in nearly every toner and astringent you can find.

Apart from that, witch hazel works by constricting blood vessels, making them effective if you want to reduce puffy eyes, varicose veins, bruises, or even hemorrhoids. And yes, you can even use them as a method of tightening your skin (sagging skin and enlarged pores, anyone?). Simply soak a cotton pad and apply for a couple of minutes. And this feature also means that it will speed up wound healing process of your skin.

And of course, just like what you see in toners and astringents for oil-controlling properties, witch hazel is able to remove and purge oil and dirt from your skin, making them an easy peasy solution for skin issues like acne, blackheads, eczema, and psoriasis. Simply layer a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel and layer them on top of your skin where you want it.

Your best bet is to get the natural form of witch hazel to reap all of the benefits for your skin and not the store bought, cosmetic-produced  ones where the concentration can be super low and without the ever useful compound of tannins.



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